Fabimilk Comfort Baby Formula 400gm

Fabimilk Comfort Baby Formula 400gm




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Fabimilk comfort is indicated for baby’s comfortable digestion enriched with :

  • DHA, AA, OPO
  • Oligosaccharides
  • Nucleotides
  • Probiotics

Fabimilk comfort is a nourishing substitute meeting all of the needs of the baby from birth onwards.

Fabimilk comfort is specially developed for easy digestion and intestinal transit thus helping the baby grow happily.

Fabimilk comfort contains OPO, a clinically-proven beta-palmitate fat ingredient that mimics the fat composition and properties of human milk fat.

OPO is based on a patented enzymatic process.

This unique fat enables easy digestion and optimized uptake of calcium, fat recovery, and energy.

Fabimilk comfort contains probiotics (healthy bacteria) that contribute to a baby’s healthy digestive system.

Complete nutrition for infants from birth to 12 months with OPO and probiotics for comfortable digestion.

Fabimilk nutrition is strengthened with all vitamins and minerals needed for the development of 0-12-month-old babies.

Protein, iron and nucleotides and alpha-lactalbumin


400 gm Milk Powder


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